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Thick as Thieves – Website upgrade, support

Thick as Thieves approached TRC Designs with a few issues, firstly, regarding their customised CMS. It was described as slow, tedious, limiting, and unsecure which needed to be upgraded. The system also required updates such as an added events page. Finally, Thick as Thieves requested to change server host since email issues coupled with limited support were becoming frustrating and ineffective. The solution was to change host, and convert the website to WordPress CMS whilst maintaining the integrity of the original design.

The scope of the project was to update the Content Management system to allow more flexibility of updating information and adding new pages and components to the website easily. Additionally, the CMS should be easily understood and maintain the same look and feel of the then current front end design with a few exceptions. TRC Designs suggested using the globally successful free CMS, WordPress to upgrade the website. The upgrade was a success and after some training, the new CMS allows the website managers to easily update the image slider, create events, manage artists and upload press kits and other media. The server transfer did run into a small issue due to the email accounts previously being configured incorrectly. After the server propagated, some email accounts did not sync. This was rectified shortly after the problem was identified. Technical support from several sources helped set up the email accounts correctly, and then everything ran smoothly.
The final results were a success. The website now has no issues and the Thick as Thieves team are happy with the low maintenance and ease of management.


Cheeta Recovery – Website

After meeting with the Cheeta Recovery team, two clear objectives were put forward during the discussion. Firstly, to build a trustworthy and professional brand from the ground up and secondly to design and develop a fully manageable e-commerce website focusing on two core products. The website was an integral aspect of Cheeta’s requirements since it was the primary source of product sales, information and marketing. TRC Designs suggested a onepage, responsive website utilising a CMS for product and website management.

The website was used as a tool to primarily sell sporting apparel aimed at both medical/clinical and athletic/sporting audiences and to help centralise targeting of customers outside the direct competitors market. It also aimed to centralise the product awareness and assist to advertise the products in Victoria and ultimately wider Australian locations using various marketing methods. Finally, distinguish the organisation from the competitors to attract a new and unique audience. TRC Designs focused on creating a consistent visual language that reflects the direction of Cheeta Recovery, taking into consideration qualities such as being genuine/caring and personable. Our design methodology aimed to essentially establish a polished and professional look for the website. After the launch, the final website received excellent feedback including comments on the looks, colour and ease of use.

YOODocs – Shopping cart system design

YOOdocs were seeking a modern and sophisticated user interface design for their shopping cart system they were developing. The purpose of the project was to provide simple, sleek and functional interface designs that integrated well with their product and their products’ derivative platform. Research concluded that many shopping cart interface designs were distinguishable, yet unrefined. They seemed to be developed but not so much designed for users. Before getting in touch with TRC Designs, YOODocs hired a few designers who did not meet the quality expectations of the work. TRC Designs was able to deliver a very clean and sleek aesthetic which exhibits a simplistic design.


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Chicchi Freschi – Package design

The scope of this project was to design a package which was aesthetically pleasing, whilst also protecting the contents from contamination. Additionally, the shape of the package and accompanying graphics and embellishments would maximise visual impact to differentiate the product from its competitors. TRC Designs found that a key issue with the current gourmet coffee market is the lack of focus towards younger generations. Young people are increasingly drinking more coffee and as a result, are finding that gourmet coffee is more desirable than regular coffee.

The result is a cylindrical shaped package which creates a very high level shelf-appeal due to its tessellating capabilities and unique shape design, whilst containing the product safely and allowing the product to be 100% recyclable after its usage.



Product development

By first looking at competitors, this established the gap in the market and the style that would be required to fit it. A range of fonts, colours, shapes and layouts were reviewed and trialled with each concept. The main issue was finding the right combination that fits well into the market gap, whilst achieving a striking and visually appealing design. To achieve the finalised model, the use of a thick cardboard was necessary to construct a stable and durable template for the product to be contained. This allows the coffee beans not to be crushed during transportation and handling and also for easy stacking. The shape is a pleasure to hold and carry; it also has a strong social appeal, indicating the desire to purchase it.

SBS Gaming – Website, Logo

The scope of this project was to design and develop a website which appeals to the generation of young gamers, so visually the site had to have a graphical ‘wow’ factor as well as being easy to navigate and sign up. The website also had to include many different features to build a community such as a blog, member login, point rewards system, forum and more. We responded with a design that had a strong and consistent visual style whilst minimalising cluttered content and images.



Logo design

SBS Gaming desired a logo which was sleek and integrates well into the gaming industry. The solution was a simple yet effective typography based logo.

Museum Victoria – Children’s book

The aim of this project was to provide a creative solution to Museum Victoria’s Scienceworks: Black Holes exhibition. The primary idea was to create a children’s book with square dimensions of 180mm x 180mm which explains fun facts about Black Holes to help promote the exhibition. The book used a glossy soft cover and standard semi-matte (118 GSM) pages and featured double page spreads showcasing a cartoon astronaut interacting with a black hole to show visually what could happen and how powerful these massive objects in our universe really are. The secondary creative solution was a large, circular poster depicting a black hole. This was folded and included facts about regular ‘stellar’ black holes and supermassive black holes which of course, are the largest type of black hole. The poster was on thick, matte paper, between 120 and 210 gsm.

Bindr – Logo, Print, Web

Bindr provided a brief to originally design a multiplatform mobile app. After the expansion and progression of the start-up, the scope transformed into several separate tasks which included, a fontend website design, flyer and business cards so far. The mobile app is still yet to be completed. One interesting consideration is the fact that the audience is split in half with two distinct demographic groups to account for, allowing the overall design to be constructed with a unique approach to the process.


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Cheeta Recovery – Logos

TRC designs designed a few logos for Cheeta. Other than the brand logo, we created the ‘CR’ logo, which is used for the CR range of products and are considered higher quality with improved fabric for comfort. We wanted to continue to incorporate the striking and edgy aesthetic from the fundamental Cheeta brand that was originally conceived. From the initial idea, to the final logo the success can be found in the product which is one of their best sellers.




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